The Soil Health & Agroecological Living Lab (SHALL) examines social dynamics that contribute to more healthy and just food and agriculture in Wisconsin and beyond. Our work sits at the intersection of ecological and human well-being. We use a range of social scientific and humanistic methods, including the arts. We believe agroecological living offers long-term sustainability, well-being, and resilience. By engaging with farm workers and producers, we aim to co-create solutions that promote a more equitable and sustainable food future for all.


» Social links between soil health, human health, and agroecological health

» Agroecological organization

» Labor and inequality in food and agriculture

» Place-making and rural-urban “flow”

» Perceptions of and connections with the natural environment

» Cultivation of environmental knowledge

» Food security and sovereignty

» Politics of food and farming

“We are mutually involved and thus mutually obligated. One context has consequence for another. One consequence is context for another. That is why, the agroecological imagination is so very, very important — socially, ecologically, economically, and ethically.”


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